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Shipping Services
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Shipping Services

Shop at thousands of retailers in the U.S. and U.K and ship your items directly to our address and we will ship them to you in Zambia. Whether you are shopping on Amazon, Ebay or even Staples, we have got you covered. If you have an account with any leading site, all you need to do is add our address as a shipping address.


1. Shop

Shop from any  trusted online stores and have your goods delivered to either our USA or UK address. 


2. Ship

Once your goods are delivered at our UK or USA offices, they will be shipped to our Zambia offices and arrive after 4-8 business days.


3. Collect

Once your parcel arrives at our Zambia offices, you will be contacted to come and collect your parcel and make payment. 


US Address

Your Name, Your Phone Number  

Address: 236 Derby Ave 

City: Derby

State: CT (Connecticut)

Zip Code: 06418  

Tel: +1 203 343 2223

UK Address

Your Name, Your Phone Number  

Address Line 1: 20 Weston Road

Town: Stafford 

County: Staffordshire 

Postal Code: ST163RN

Tel: +44 754 332 0802 

Looking for our shipping rates? Download the rate sheet

Personal Shopping Services

Use our personal shopping service to get your items from the US & UK. We handle the order processing, shipping & consolidation to you.

This service gives you peace of mind as we take care of the hard work. Its easy to get started, all you need to do is provide us with a link or specific item you would liket to purchase and our friendly staff will get in touch with you with a quote. 

Once you have made an order, we take care of everything else. Interested to know more about Personal Shopping?

Learn more about how it works.

DISCLAIMER : No perfumes, liquids or aersols. This rate will not apply to products with lithium batteries as special handling is required (cellphone, cameras, laptops, etc). Goods valued over $1000 may be subjected to duty and VAT. Invoices are required for all dutiable items. Please note that the standard shipping service is not a courier service and liability is limited to $100 per lost item unless you take out additional insurance. Express Shipping is recommended for goods of value.

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